IR35 Compliant Umbrella Company PAYE Solutions

Are you a UK Contractor or Freelancer looking to secure the Best Umbrella PAYE or Limited Company Solution? Do you have an IR35 Concern ? Contractor Planning can help UK Contractors and Freelancers find the best take-home pay percentages on the market via our compliant contractor pay solutions. Submit your details via the "Generate Pay Illustration" button to find out your best take-home pay rate today.

In IR35 legislation, IT contractor limited company and IT contractors UK employees must pay the same tax as a permanent or part time employee. With this they are also entitled to additional benefits as an employee such as minimum wages, holidays, sick leave pay, maternity pay, protection from discrimination.

If you’re working inside IR35, you will geta ‘deemed payment’ of income tax to account for any tax deductions or NIC that an employee would have paid.

If you are working outside IR35 rules that means your contract points towards self-employment and you would be handling your taxes by yourself.

Contracting with IT contractor limited company is more beneficial in some aspects and more tax efficient rather than contracting with an umbrella company. Limited company contractors take home salary is very small and they withdraw the remainder of their income in the form of dividends.

IT contractors in UK can create different share classes, that will be useful for tax-planning purposes and to attract investors or to divide ownership between a number of people.IT contractors in UK are offering their IT skills to clients on a contract basis, not just like permanent employees or traditional employees.

Why companies hire IT contractors in UK?

With working IT contractors UK, it will give you more flexibility from usually higher rates of pay. Where company will not pay any incentive or other entitled benefits, people are working like freelance work.

Employers also might be best served if they hire skilled IT contractors those have latest technology and skills, knowledge and experience of working at different client locations. But off course, there are some other advantages of employing permanent workers. You can hire contractor for every work should maintain a ratio between permanent employee and contractual basis employee.

We are working as an IT contractor company in UK, you can check now and call us for any assistance.

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Contractor Planning provide solutions that engage existing and current tax legislation combined with accounting procedures which have been successfully administrated  for over the last decade…