IR35 Compliant Umbrella Company PAYE Solutions

Are you a UK Contractor or Freelancer looking to secure the Best Umbrella PAYE or Limited Company Solution? Do you have an IR35 Concern ? Contractor Planning can help UK Contractors and Freelancers find the best take-home pay percentages on the market via our compliant contractor pay solutions. Submit your details via the "Generate Pay Illustration" button to find out your best take-home pay rate today.

IR35 is known as intermediaries’ legislation specially designed for those workers who are in off-payroll. Its main purpose is to stop individuals not companiesfrom paying less income tax.IR35 was basically designed for the UK tax legislation to check contractors and businesses those are avoiding or not paying appropriate taxes by working as off-payroll employees, or those who are working on a self-employed basis and not updating their true status and avoiding taxes.

IR35 tax rulesare applicable for the contractors. Intermediary could be a private limited company or an individual service company, a partnership, or another individual.

Who will come under IR35 tax rules?

  • An employer who gets benefit ted with the services from a person through an intermediary.

  • An employee who provides services through an intermediary.

  • A service agency who provides person’s services through an intermediary.

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  • You are covered under IR35 insurance.

We are trusted IR35 Umbrella Company in UK, we will support you and ensures that you are getting paid on time, without any worry about paper work or the daily stress of running IR35 Limited Company in UK. You can optimize all your financial options today.

You can save time, get unparalleled advice and give you the best deals. You can compare with other umbrella companies as umbrella comparison option is available. Our experts suggest you to take IR35 Insurance. IR35 insurance will cover the costs for an expert who is going to defend in the case from your side during the enquiry and might be extended to cover for the tax liabilities, penalties and interest if any found.

Why Engage with Contractor Planning...

We have access to multiple products and tax planning solutions based on existing tax

legislation which includes many valuable features such as...

Easy Registration

Quick and easy registration via phone or online.

Best Market Rates

We can offer you the highest percentage take-home rates.

IR35 Compliant

Our solutions are IR35 compliant.

No Joining Fees

Zero fees for joining or leaving solutions.

Full Insurances

Full indemnity & liability Insurances Included.

Same Day Payments

Same day payments via faster pay network with SMS notification.

Relationship Managers

Dedicated relationship managers 24/7

Online Portal

Access account details & electronic pay advice.

Referral Network Scheme

Referral incentive program

Contractor Planning provide solutions that engage existing and current tax legislation combined with accounting procedures which have been successfully administrated  for over the last decade…